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Early Adopter Series - Presentations and discussion around programming tools, languages, hardware, applications, code examples, and projects of all kinds. Learn, lurk, and ask questions.

Testing Hardware with TAQOZ in ROM Display, GUI, and Multimedia Options FastSpin Multi-language Development
Peter Jakacki and Ray Rodrick Raymond Allen, PhD EE Eric R. Smith
P2 Testing Hardware with TAQOZ P2 Display Examples Multi-Language Coding
Chat Log Presentation Slide Deck (PDF) Presentation Slide Deck (PDF)
  Chat Log Chat Log

Visual Programming with Touch Logic Control Spin2/PASM2 Debug with Runtime Expression MicroPython for the P2
James Caska Chip Gracey Tubular and OzPropDev
Visual Programming with Touch Logic Control Spin2/PASM2 Debug with Runtime Expression Reporting TeamOz Presents MicroPython for the P2
Virtual Breadboard website [PNut v34ua (required for debugging)][PNutV34ua] Chat Log
  See DEBUG info in P2 Spin2 Documentation  
  Chat Log  

P2D2 Module
Peter Jakacki
Peter Jakacki Presents the P2D2 Module - Jul 29th
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The object exchange is a collection of community and Parallax developed source code objects for the Propeller, also known as libraries. They are free to use under the MIT license.

Want to share your objects? Here’s how to contribute. Want to create objects we’re asking the community for? See our P2 Object thread for details.



Propeller 2 early adopters may experiment with two options: 1) limited-edition boards and silicon engineering samples (below) or, 2) design emulation on supported FPGAs (following).

Parallax Boards and Silicon

On the following product pages, expand the Downloads and Additional Resources tabs for documentation, schematics, and more.

FPGA emulation




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